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Public Relation and Education Day (2012)

Posted by Malshan Gunawardane On 10:02 PM

Education and public relation day candidate by the young zoologists association of Sri Lanka is an event organized to explain coexistence of the environment and mankind especially to the young generation of Sri Lanka. In this the schools children are give the basic and complementary knowledge in the value of biodiversity and conservation of Sri Lanka.

The annual Education & public relation day 2012 was held on 15th of March youth center auditorium in Maharagama, with a population of around 700 school children from 31 schools. Most of these students were O/L and A/L followers. This special event permitted by Educational department, also school principles. This year’s Education Day was also dedicated to the International Year of Forests and the UN Decade of Biodiversity.

YZA have been educating the youth about Sri Lanka’s amazing biodiversity since their inception in 1972 through various activities. Their education and public relations day is conducted annually for schoolchildren in the Western Province.
Also Dilmah conservation launched Go Wild on the Web and Nature Database on during the Public relation and education day 2012 of the YZA.

This event compromised of such 3 events mentioned below

  • Should we protect biodiversity? - conducted by Dr. Jayantha Waththewidanage senior lecture open university of Sri Lanka
  • Veterinary works in animal health management - conducted by Dr. Jagath Jayasekara vet, national zoological garden Sri Lanka
  • Diversity of snakes in Sri Lanka - conducted by herpetologists Mr. Mendis Wickramasinghe

The biodiversity of Sri Lanka is a first lecture, this lecture discussed current status of faunal and floral diversity of Sri Lanka. Also conclude various threat faced by our wildlife, and how to do practical conservation measures. He gave a path to children’s what is their position doing some biodiversity restoration works, also mention relevant government bodied wants to collaborate.

The work and study of vet was given as the second lecture in this the speaker tend to explain the crowd about how to give medication for animals in zoological garden as well as in wild. The methods they take to treat animals and about the disease and protection methods over them on pets. He gave impressive hints about how to care injured animals. Also mention their efforts to demonstrate the important role of National zoo.

The final lecture was on snake of Sri Lanka. The first half of lecture was conducted about identifying snakes and this was done with using live specimens. The second half was about categorized snake and other important facts and beliefs of snakes. Other than over-killing, loss of habitat and human interference are two, common threats faced by the all snakes in the country he said.

These three lectures will help to improve current knowledge about biodiversity of Sri Lanka, and also it covers some part of school syllabus.
The program ended successfully at 1.30 pm

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