Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sri Pada Annual Cleaning Program 2013

Posted by yza On 4:49 AM
Sri Pada holds its unique environmental value as well. A formation of tropical lowland, sub montane and montane rain forest and natural grassland, Sri Pada forests or the Peak Wilderness Sanctuary spreads over 22,380 hectares.Declared a sanctuary on October 10, 1940 it is home to a host of fauna and flora, including 24 endemic species of birds (14 listed as endangered in the IUCN, Red Data List) and other threatened animals such as leopards, elephants, some rare amphibians, insects, fish and reptiles.
The Department of Wildlife protects this range with officers posted at two stations, Sri Palabaddala and Nallatanniya.

More than 20 years ,It has being a top priority for the YZA to contribute their strength to the cleaning project held at the ‘Shripada Adawiya’ (Adams Peak) Sanctuary area. In 2013 with the participation of 60members of the association we have been able to collect over 720kg of polythene.  Special thanks to Nallatanniya  Police Station ,”Samanala kanda “ Wild life office , Ambagamuwa Regional Office and  Rev Bengamuwe Dhammadinna who helped us to complete this event successfully.

Garbage has been an issue for the last decade or more for the beautiful scenery of the Sri Pada area. The pilgrims are fully responsible for the destruction of a clean and an important heritage of nature. During the trek from Dalhousie, human pollution lined the path to the summit. It gets worse at the top, where a pile of garbage located square in the middle of the temple observation area. Not one garbage bin could be seen.

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